DIY: 3D Type with curves, and decoration

So yesterdays post showed you how to make 3D type, but what if the you want to make letters with a curve? Here’s how I created a lower case ‘e’:


You will need:

• Mountboard (or cardboard, at least cereal box thickness) • Thinner card or cartridge paper • Print out of letters you would like to make • PVA glue • Masking tape • Cutting ruler • Cutting Mat • Craft Knife • Biro • Pencil • Paintbrush (or finger for glue)

Start the same way as yesterday by creating two stencilled letters.


Then cut strips for your straight edges, I used strips 3cm thick for this letter. Cut your strips the whole width of the letter, so it supports the front face, also add any extra support you feel necessary.

36 37

Then glue your top face onto your supports.

35 34

Now measure the width of your new letter, mine measured 3.3cm. Cut a strip in your thinner card or cartridge paper at this width. Your next step is quick fidely and messy, but don’t worry any mess can be cleared up later. Your going to wrap you thinner card around the letter.


Apply generouis amounts of PVA to both edges of your letter, then slowly wrap your thinner strip of card around it, part might ping off but just be patient with it and hold them down, eventually it will all stick. Let it dry for a while as shown below.

32 31

Once dry trim off any access.

Little Tip: if you want to weigh down your letter pop your rice/beans in now!

Repeat the process with your inner eges.

30 29 28

Let your letter dry and then your free to decorate as you wish 🙂 I’ve added some photos below of how I decorated a few of my letters.

27 26 25 39   2440

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