Photographing 3D Type

Our equipment

  • Canon 700D DSLR
  • Bulldog clips
  • coloured papers
  • Canvas backdrop
  • lots of hands to help
  • 5 in 1 Reflector
  • Continuous table top lighting
  • A large table
  • masking tape
  • cotton string
  • various props, pens , pencils , canvasses, paintbrushes, teacups,
  • Lots and lots of tea

We decided to take photos in the largest space we could find which happened to be a kitchen with very little lighting as we were shooting at night and using limited lighting we had to do the best we could with the equipment we were using

1. Set up your background

When you’re taking photos you need to think about your background, a nice plain background is good – we didn’t have any plain walls so we used a hung canvass background.


2. Think about your lighting

Because we were shooting in a dark kitchen at night we need to think about how we got the best images we could.  We used a set of table top continuous lights; provided by Emma to bring a bit more light into the shoot.  Allowing us to set up the camera to get the best shots we could.

We shot at 1/80 –  f4.5  – IS0 800.  Ideally we would have shot with a higher f-stop maybe f16 and a lower IS0  maybe 100 but we would need better lighting for that.

3. Lots of hands make light work.

We all got stuck in to pull together the letters for the first shot – arranging the back drop getting the letters in place and setting up the equipment


4. Be creative.

Once we’d started taking the photographs we didn’t want to get stuck taking pictures of the same thing so we arranged and rearranged the letters adding props and trying different ideas to get the best image we could

blog4 blog_3


We didn’t want to get stuck with one angle either so we took photos from different angle so we could choose the best shots from the final images.

blog_7 blog8

Finally we had a little bit of fun trying putting together some different words.

Here’s the final image.


The best of the rest

cat ever_yet heart hen hut love_you theatre

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